Louisiana Window Tinting Laws

Louisiana Window Tinting Laws: Louisiana passed legislation regulating car window tinting in 1993.

We’ve given you all the details you need to know about the window tint on your automobile, including the maximum amount of darkness or reflectivity that is legal in your state.

Louisiana Window Tinting Laws

Make sure you learn all about Louisiana’s additional automobile window tinting rules and restrictions below.

What is the darkest legal tint in louisiana

40% visible light transmission (VLT) is the darkest tint that is allowed in Louisiana for all windows, including the front side windows, back side windows, and back windshield.

This means that at least 40% of light must be able to get through the color.

In Louisiana, tints darker than 40% VLT are against the law. It’s important to follow these rules so that you don’t get fined or ticketed.

louisiana tint laws

Certainly! Here are the most important facts about tint rules in Louisiana:

1. Front Side Windows: Front side window tinting must let more than 40% of visible light through (VLT).

This means that at least 40% of the light must be able to get through the color.

2. Rear Side Windows and Rear Windshield: The tint on the back side windows and rear windshield must also let more than 40% of visible light through.

3. Windshield Tint: The top five inches of the window can have tint that doesn’t reflect light.

4. Reflective Tint:  It is against the law to put reflected or mirrored tints on any window.

5. Medical Exemptions: People with certain medical problems can get a medical exemption in Louisiana. To get darker tint, you need a certificate from a qualified doctor saying that you need it.

6. Enforcement and Penalties: Officers of the law can give you a ticket if your window tint isn’t legal.

Possible punishments include fines and having to remove or change the tint.

Window tint darkness in Louisiana

Visible Light Transmission, or VLT, is the amount of light that can be seen coming through your car’s windows.

In Louisiana, there are very specific rules about how much light can come through your screen and glass, and these rules are different for sedan cars and SUV cars or vans.

Tint darkness for sedans

1. Windshield: Above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, or the top 5 inches, you can use tint that doesn’t reflect light.

2. Front Side windows: Must let in more than 40 percent of the light.

3. Back Side windows: More than 25% of light must be able to get in.

4. Rear Window: Must let in more than 12 percent of light.

Tint darkness for SUV and vans

1. Windshield: Above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, or the top 5 inches, you can use tint that doesn’t reflect light.

2. Front Side windows: Must let in more than 40 percent of the light.

3. Back Side windows: You can use any darkness.

4. Rear Window: You can use any darkness.

Legal Tint in Louisiana for Passenger vehicles

1. Windshield: Above the AS-1 line, or the top 5 inches, you can use non-reflective color.

2. Side front windows: 40% VLT

3. Backside windows: 25% VLT

4. Rear window: 12% VLT

Legal Tint in Louisiana for Multi-purpose Vehicles

1. Windshields: can only have non-reflective tint above the AS-1 line or the top 5 inches.

2. Front and side windows : 40% VLT

3. Backside windows: No limits

4. Rear window: No limits

Window tint reflection in Louisiana

Window shade can reflect light and cut down on heat and glare.

The rule in Louisiana about window tint allows a certain amount of window reflection, so make sure you pay attention to this as well.

Tint reflection for sedans:

1. Front Side windows: Not more than 20% should be mirrored.

2. Back Side windows: Not more than 20% should be mirrored.

Tint reflection for SUV and vans:

1. Front Side windows: Not more than 20% should be mirrored.

2. Back Side windows: Not more than 20% should be mirrored.

Other Louisiana window tint rules and regulations

There are a few other important laws, rules, and rules about window tinting in Louisiana. These are some of them:

1. Side mirrors: There are no rules.

2. Restricted Colors: You can’t use red or yellow.

3. Certificates: All film sold in the state must be certified by the company that made it. Ask your supplier if the film they use is approved.

4. Stickers: Between the film and the glass on the driver’s side window must be a sticker that says the tint is allowed.

5. Medical Exceptions: Louisiana law doesn’t let you use special tint because of a medical condition.

6. Penalties: $150 for the first violation, $250 for the second, and $350 for any more.

Remember that the laws and rules about tinting in Louisiana may be viewed differently in your county or where you live.

We always suggest that you double-check the information we give you with your local DMV or law police.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Up to 99% of UV rays are blocked by tinted windows. The inside of the car gets 60% cooler.

It can also keep you safe from the sun’s UV rays and keep the inside of your car from breaking, fading, and looking old.

Louisiana Window Tinting Laws

Another great benefit is the amount of privacy, which makes it harder for people passing by to look in.

Car Window Tint Cost

In general, the price can change. For example, a basic tint for a sedan car using the classic film can cost less than $150 per vehicle.

But let’s say you want a high-end film like clay window tint. In that case, it can cost up to $400 per car.

All of these depend on different things, like the number of windows, the type of tint, and the guarantee.

However, DIY tint kits, which frequently cost less than $100, are a more affordable alternative to having your windows professionally tinted.

Windshield Window Tint Laws in Louisiana

In Louisiana, all privately owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans must follow the same rules about tinting glass windows.

This means that cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans can all use this as a guide:

the law allows non-reflective window tint to be put above the windshield’s AS-1 line, which is a line made by the manufacturer near the top of the windshield.

If you can’t see an AS-1 line, use five inches as a guide.

Window Tint for Cars in Louisiana

As is the case in the majority of states, Louisiana has differing window tinting laws for cars compared to trucks, vans, and SUVs.

We’ll discuss automobiles individually due of this. There are also different tinting rules for each car window, which we’ll talk about one by one.

Laws in Louisiana say that the tint on the front side windows can be no more than 40% VLT and can’t reflect more than 20% of light.

The back side windows of a car can be darkened down to 25% darkness, which makes the car more private from any distance but doesn’t completely block the view in.

In Louisiana, the back window of a car, which is the rear windshield, can be darkened to 12% VLT or more.

Window Tint for Trucks, Vans, and SUVs in Louisiana

As with cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs in Louisiana can only have their front side windows darkened to 40% VLT, but there is a lot more freedom with the back windows.

Larger cars can have any shade of tint on their back side windows and rear windshield.

This gives you complete privacy and is great for driving services, people who care about their families’ privacy, and people who want to change the way their cars look.

This is not true, though, when it comes to how reflective the windows are. No car registered in Louisiana can have more than 20% reflective windows.

is 5 percent tint legal in louisiana

No, 5 percent tint is not legal for vehicle windows in Louisiana.

The legal limit for window tint in Louisiana is 40% visible light transmission (VLT) for front side windows, rear side windows, and the rear windshield.

Tint that allows less than 40% VLT is considered too dark and violates the state’s window tint laws.

It’s important to adhere to these regulations to avoid potential penalties or citations.

is 20 tint legal in louisiana

Yes, 20% shade is allowed on the rear windshield and side windows in Louisiana.

Visible light transmission (VLT) of up to 40% is allowed for these windows by the state.

But it’s important to remember that the 40% VLT limit must also be met by the front side windows.

So, the back windows can have a 20% tint, but the front side windows can’t. This is the law in Louisiana.

is 35 tint legal in louisiana

Yes, both the rear side windows and the rear windshield can have a 35% tint in Louisiana.

Visible light transmission (VLT) of up to 40% is allowed for these windows by the state. So, a tint level of 35% is within the limits of what is allowed.

But it’s very important to make sure that the front side windows meet the 40% VLT rule.

How to Get a Tint Exemption in Louisiana?

Obtaining this Louisiana Window Tint Exemption Form is a reasonably easy process.

Simply visit your physician and request a statement indicating that you require the dark tint for medicinal reasons.

Louisiana Window Tinting Laws

Take the note to your local motor vehicle office once you have it, and they will give you an exemption sticker to display on your car.

Louisiana Medical Exemption Requirements

Statute, regulation, or other sourcesLa. Admin Code. tit. 55,
pt. III, § 813
LSA-R.S. 32:361.2
For whom the exemption may applyregistered owner, spouse, or close family member, but not if the person has been convicted of certain crimes (the applicant must send fingerprints).
Reason(s)This person has a medical issue that makes them sensitive to the sun; ICD-9-CM must be used to list specific conditions in the statement; If you have photophobia, you have to prove that shades won’t help and that window tint won’t affect your ability to drive at night.
Which windowsnot windshield
Limits on the amount of tintSecretary to determine limits, case by
Certification from medical provider (which type[s] of provider)qualified doctor or eye doctor
Application to state
Document required in
a statement from the State Police
Frequency of
certification of need
not more than 3 years, unless the owner is 60 or older and has owned the car for more than 3 years.
Vehicle must be

Medical exemption information

1. Louisiana Laws – RS 32:361.2 – Medical exemption

2. Louisiana Window Tint Medical Exemption Affidavit (.pdf file)

Louisiana Tint Exemption

whatever driver in Louisiana who has a medical exemption is allowed to tint their automobile windows to whatever extent, according to the law.

You need a note from your doctor stating clearly that you must tint your windows for medicinal reasons in order to qualify for this exemption.

Your name, birthdate, and the particular justification for why you need window tinting must all be included in the letter.

You must also display this letter to a police officer upon request and keep it with you at all times when driving.

Window Tint Violations in Louisiana

In Louisiana, putting illegal window tint on a car is a civil offense, not a crime, but the consequences can still be very harsh.

The first time, a $150 ticket will be given. If you get a second ticket in Louisiana for illegal window tint, it will cost you $250.

You’ll receive a $350 ticket if you violate the rule three times. This is also the price for any other violations.

If things continue like this, getting a few penalties for having illegal window tint will end up costing you more than getting legal window tint in the first place.

Officers can use a handheld device to check visible light transmission at any time, so don’t think you can get away with illegal window tint until it’s time for an inspection.

Your illegal window tint could become a problem at any time, even if you are stopped for a totally different reason.


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The Bottom Line

This essay was written with the intention of enlightening You about Louisiana’s tint regulations so you can safely navigate the state with your car.

In conclusion, if you want to have the windows on your automobile tinted in Louisiana, you need be aware of the regulations.

Even though there are some limitations, the advantages of window tinting make it worthwhile to adhere to the rules.

Visit the Louisiana Criminal Justice Information Center website to Find out more about the state’s window tinting regulations or for assistance in finding a skilled installation.

 👉 Visit our Site for more information: https://ustintinglaws.com.

Louisiana Window Tinting Laws – FAQ

What is the legal tint limit for front side windows in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the maximum amount of tint that can be put on the front side windows is 40% visible light transmission (VLT).

Is there a different tint limit for rear side windows and the rear windshield?

Yes, the same 40% VLT limit applies to the rear side windows and rear windshield as it does to the front side windows.

Can I use any tint darkness on my vehicle’s front windshield?

No, Louisiana law only lets you tint the top five inches of the front window with non-reflective tint.

Are there any medical exemptions for window tinting in Louisiana?

Yes, medical permits for window tinting are possible in Louisiana. But you must get a certificate from a qualified doctor saying that the darker tint is medically necessary.

Are reflective or mirrored tints allowed in Louisiana?

No, you can’t put reflective or reflected tints on the windows of a car in Louisiana.

Are there any restrictions on the tint color I can use?

There are no rules about tint color in Louisiana, so you can choose any color you want.

Are there specific requirements for the tinting of the rear window?

There are no specific rules about coloring the back window in Louisiana, as long as the tint doesn’t go over 40% VLT.

Can I have tint on my front side windows if my vehicle has side mirrors?

Yes, even if your car has side mirrors, you can tint the front side windows. The ceiling of 40% VLT still stands.

Can law enforcement officers issue citations for window tint violations?

Yes, if your car’s window tint is darker than what is allowed by law in Louisiana, law enforcement officers can give you a ticket.

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